In 1874, Cartier was founded by Louis Francois Cartier. He became famous for his recommendation to Princess Mathilde, Napoleon III's cousin. As a watch and jewelry manufacturer, members of the Cartier family made a significant contribution. They pass edgtos from generation to generation, blending different elements of each country, incorporating geometric patterns from all over the world into the design, forming a new artistic style. They later moved their shop to Peace Street, the centre of goods in Paris. And open edits around the world. In 1902, the Prince of Wales of England hailed him as the jeweler's emperor.Cartier is a hero in my heart for three reasons. First of all, the Cartier three brothers developed and expanded their branches, using their respective advantages, making Cartier more and more famous. I feel that they are fortunate to have such a great partner, work together and unite. 

Secondly, Cartier is closely connected with royal jewellery. It not only understands the trend but also has great strength. It is loved by celebrities and competing to buy. Enough to see the advantages of Cartier designers. Finally, in my opinion, Cartier has been making progress as the number one jeweler for so long, and since its inception in 1847, each piece has been a strong proof.

 From these experiences, I can learn that a successful brand is to have strength and background, and history and style are especially important. It is known as the "jewel of the royal family." There was once a rich man who bought a Cartier jewellery at a high price in order to make his fiancee happy, and he could see the position of Cartier in people's minds.  

For example, in the modern design, I like its Juste Un Clou series. The shape of the nail is simple but very fashionable. It has not only bracelets but also rings. I have also collected a ring myself, the color of rose gold is very beautiful. I think the designer finds inspiration from his life and draws it in the design. Many small objects can also shine. Maybe this is the meaning of the designer's existence. 

In the following survey, I would like to know more about Cartier's interesting stories, such as the designer's inspiration and the buyer's reaction. Cartier is really a very powerful person in my heart, and I want to be the same person as Cartier's designer.










Boucheron adhere to the brand's unique traditional connotation, the beginning of its creation, has been favored by many people. Boucheron draws inspiration from Russian ballet, Cubism, Decorative Arts, African art and Pupu art. As an international brand, Boucheron has designed watches for the Bund in China, and its customers are celebrities such as princesses, kings, and world superstars. The founder of Boucheron grew up with master Jules Caize, who worked as a jewelry apprentice for 14 years. It was eventually opened on the streets of the Palais des Palace in Paris.

The founder of Boucheron was very young. In 1858 he was only 28 years old. It served as a designer and opened a storefront. Like Cartier, it is French jewellery, but their style is very different. Borschaux's inspiration comes from nature, but chooses some snakes, insects as materials, and dark tones to match these jewels. Whether it is background or clothing, makeup. We can see more clearly in advertisements and posters. Whenever I see Boucheron's jewelry, I will always be shocked by the blood red, blood red often appears in the color combination, giving a bloody and violent feeling. Animals like snakes and insects are dangerous representatives in China's impression. Adding his dark mix will scare me. I think this is related to the designer's own personality and hobbies. When it comes to nature, we often think of some bright and warm things like birds, flowers, sunshine, rainbows, forests and rivers. But Bao Shilong can only see dark and evil things. Because he was favored by celebrities after being a neighbor with a French countess, he had to say that people who like Boucheron are also some rebellious people. Through Boucheron to vent your emotions and pressure. For example, I saw a snake-shaped jewel with diamonds. Even if it is silvery white, I can still feel the slowness of attack. Especially the snake's mouth still spits the core. If I want to continue the investigation, I will want to know what the buyers of Boucheron have in common, what they appreciate in Boucheron, which also allows me to join in my own elements and become more famous.