I feel like a designer. There are several reasons. First of all, among artists, designers and craftsmen, I prefer to create things for people to use. This clearly distinguishes between artists and craftsmen. Because in my opinion, what the artist creates may not be practical, and may be more of a way of venting emotions, expressing emotions, and conveying the spirit. So their work can appear anywhere, not just on the streets, on the walls, or on any objects. Secondly, craftsmen focus on craftsmanship. They pay more attention to the accuracy of objects. Whether they are size or workmanship, they may consider imagination and creativity at least. Finally, I will talk about designers. Designers are a group of people who work with drawings. We can start creating as long as we have a design draft. We don't have to bring a factory or need a big empty room. Our designers mainly use their brains to think creatively, combining colors and feelings with new ideas. Our design can be both practical and spiritual. It should be the most versatile one. For example, I am a jewelry designer. My drawings must not only show my ideas but also have precise dimensions. This can be accurate when handed over to the factory, and the workers or machines can make the production clear. What I am most interested in is that the designer can use the brain to think about things that are both beautiful and useful, which makes me happy. This is a very proud and useful skill.